How to Apply Voter ID Card Online

Apply Voter ID Card Online from Official Website (Election commission of India)

Voter ID plays a vital role in your life process, because it is needed for several purposes. It appears as address profit of identity card which is always required in various process. Therefore, it is really essential to get a valid voter ID in India. If you include any queries regarding this essential card, you can follow these superior guidelines for your own clarification. Most of the eligible citizens do not have enough time to apply for Voter ID through offline mode, so they are looking for a time-saving and safe alternative. In order to satisfy your requirement, the government has introduced an advanced online solution for registering all the name of voters and some other essential services. The new and excellent platform helps you to find all essential information regarding the polls and election easily. Further, it also helps you to apply Voter ID online.



Eligibility for Apply New Voter Card:

  • All the people of Indian Nationality can apply for the Voter Id
  • Candidate must have 18 years or above on the qualifying date with 1st January of the concerned year
  • Enrolment for Voter ID must be only at one place
  • Overseas Indian citizen residing at address given passport

What are the Documents Required For New Voter’s ID Card Registration

The following documents are required to apply for a voter ID card online

  • For Identity Proof: This could be a Birth certificate, Passport, Driving licence, PAN Card or Secondary school certificates.
  • For Address Proof: This could be Ration Card, Passport, Driving licence or Phone/Electric/Gas Bill
  • Passport sized photo

Online Voter ID Card Registration Process:

Follow the simple steps to register for election card online are as pleasing and simple one could ever think of. Each state possesses its own different official website to accept registration. In order to make things easy to understand and user friendly the contents in the websites are available both in local language of that specific state and in English.

  • Step 01: In order to register online, you must visit or utilize the official website of your state government.
  • Step 02: Here you can obtain a choice for the online registration. After that, you have to simply click on the option.
  • Step 03: You can click on a proceed button to visit the next page.
  • Step 04: You should select the suitable form choice and download it properly. The new applicants must choose the form number 6.
  • Step 05: Once you download the application form, you can obtain a reference id on your own email id simply for the procedure of confirmation. You can use your reference number in order to check out the current status of Voter ID. It is really essential when you want to modify some details in your Voter ID.

Basic Registration Direction

You should fill your application form precisely and upload your original photo. After filling your application form, you can take a photocopy of your form and send it to your nearby election office. You can receive an acknowledgment from the office if your application reached correctly. For more interesting details, you can visit this reliable website.

Final Process

The representative from the election commission department will visit your home for verifying the information that you have submitted while making registration. You will receive the voter ID card delivered to your home. While in most cases, you are not required to visit the office in person, sometimes you will be called at the office for verification.

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