How to Check Capital One Credit Card Application Status

Capital One credit card can be applied through a call or you can apply online. Usually you get a response from the team within the minute you apply. But sometimes, it would take time to respond to your request. And in this case you need to check status of your Capital One credit card.

What you have to do to check the status of your Capital One credit card?

Though they are very quick in responding to the customer request but in some cases it may take time to gather all the information and proceed with your request for a credit card. In this case, you can wait for their response for a couple of hours and then go to a status checking of your credit card.

Capital One Application Status

Track Capital One Credit Card Status with Customer Care Number

You can check status of your Capital One credit card application by calling a toll free number that is available 24*7. You can call at 1-800-903-9177. As soon as they get your request, they start working on it and you will be intimated within hours about the status of your credit card. They will also provide you detailed information about why this delay occured.

Sometimes,  the customer support will ask for your social security number to check status of your credit card and intimate you in the specified time limit with a satisfactory answer.

The customer is also provided with the service that they can check status of their credit card online on their website and can check whether their credit card application is active or not. If it is not active then you can register your complaint with some additional information to make it active and can know exact information about your credit card application status.

Why this delay in proceeding your application happens?

Generally, Capital One credit card applications get a response within seconds when you apply for it. However, it might take days to proceed your request in exceptional cases. This happens usually due to short of the information provided. Due to insufficient or wrong information provided by the customer, the company may take time to proceed your request as they validate your each information provided. In this case when you call them, they provide you the specific reason within 7-10 working days in written format.

According to Capital One expert, the delay mostly occurs due to income and identity. Another reason may include multiple addresses in a customer’s credit file. This may trigger a further investigation for credit approval. This investigation and validation may consume time and delays your credit card.

What you have to do when there is any insufficient information?

You receive a mail if there is insufficient information. What you need to do is to send it again. This can be done in two ways. First, you can send them online and can get instant help. Second way includes sending your required documents by fax and get approval after validation in a day or two. After verification of all your details, it would take about 10 working days to get your Capital One credit card in your hand.

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