How to Check Chase Bank Credit Card Application Status | Reconsideration Phone Numbers

Checking back the status of your Chase credit card application has never been so easy. Now the status of the credit card application can be checked through telephone or online which earlier was not possible. Chase did not have the online option before like Amex or Bank of America who were offering this service for long. If you had applied for Chase credit card and got message that application is ‘pending for review’, then you need to check it in following ways.

How to Track Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

Procedure to Check Chase Credit Card Status

There are two ways to check Chase Bank credit card application status, traditional way of calling on automated response telephones and by online application status checking option.

Status check by Telephone

For Chase application status one could use automated phones facility where you would have the response of approval or rejection regarding application’s status. On automated phone facility you can’t probe further, like why it is denied or any other related query. For that you need to get into touch with the Chase Bank’s agent one-to-one.

To check Chase credit card status, call on 888-338-2586 and on automated response check status through filling in your social security number. You will have automated reply of status whether application is approved or denied.

Online method of checking your Chase credit card application status

After applying for a credit card next step is about finding its status. If you are already registered as a Chase customer, then you can log in on Chase website for checking Chase credit card application status online.

  • To begin with, you got to open Chase website and login to your Chase online account. There would be an option ‘Customer Center’ in the navigation panel, visible after you are logged in.
  • Once you click on to customer Center option scroll down the page to find ‘open new account’ option on the right-side bar.
  • Here look for a link named ‘check my application’ status.
  • Once you click on it you would know it is approved or denied or still pending.

Chase does not have an exclusive page for checking out online application status. So,whether it is denied or pending, no further information is available, if you try to know the cause. But if you are in the approved category customers or an existing card holder there are ways to check further.

Chase Reconsideration Line- Call if application Denied or Pending

There is an option if the credit card application gets rejected or decision hangs midway. Here you can call Chase on consideration line and ask them to reconsider the verdict or possible rejection. If you have applied for the business card you can wait for their decision and not approach them and probe about it, as it takes some time to process.

Chase reconsideration line phone numbers for your ease are given hereby.

  • Chase main phone number: 800-432-3117
  • Personal cards: 1-888-270-2127
  • Business cards: 800-453-9719

It is important to remind that the credit analyst have approval influence so don’t be rash but be more rational when talking on the phone with them.

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