How to Check Discover Bank Credit Card Application Status

If you’re Still waiting for you Discover Bank Credit card, here is information about how to know your application status.

Discover Bank is one of the best banks in the US which offers all the banking services through online banking. Security is the top priority of the bank and it offers high rate of return. The Bank does not charge any hidden fees the services offered and you can easily rely on the bank to safe your money and access the banking services.

How to apply for the Discover Bank Credit Card?

Before applying for your Discover Bank Credit Card, you have to register for an account on the Discover Bank website. After having a bank account in the Discover Bank, you need to apply online to issue a credit card from the Discover Bank website.

Types of credit card issued by the Discover Bank

The discover Bank offers different type of card according to the type of account or its users demand. The credit card issued by the Discover Bank are:

  • Cash Back Credit Cards: For these cards you do not have to pay any annual fees and can access your account from anywhere with a special cashback offers on every purchase.
  • Travel Credit Card: These cards are also issued without any annual processing fees. You can use your Mile Card to make any travel purchase or can book hotel or journey tickets at attractive cashback offers.
  • Student Credit Cards: These cards can be used at gas stations, restaurants, etc. and you are able buy things costs up to $1000. These are charged with $0 annual fees.
  • Secured Credit Card: You can earn cashback on every purchase made through your Discover Bank Secured Credit Card. There are no annual processing fees charged by the bank for providing the service to its customers. Additionally, You are intimated through the text message, if your Social Security number is found on any of the risky websites.

How to know the status of your Discover Bank Credit Card?

Check the status of your Discover® Card Application Online

discover card status

For knowing the status of your Discover Bank Credit Card you need to visit Discover Bank website or Click Here. After clicking the ‘Check Application Status’ link and provide your nine digit Social Security Number and Zip code of your area. After clicking on the continue button your card status in on your computer screen.

discover card application

Track with 1 800 Discover Phone Number

You can also contact a live agent to know your credit card status by dialing a toll-free number 1-800-347-3085. The application is cent percent secured.

How to activate your Discover Bank Credit Card?

After receiving your Discover bank Credit Card, you have to activate it through the activate card link on the Discover bank website. You can activate it in two different ways. You can activate it by logging in or without logging in. To activate your card without logging in you have to enter your date of birth, last four digits of social security number, your card number, your card expiration date and three digit sequence id written on the back side of your credit card. And if you want to activate it by logging in method you have to enter your username and password along with the three digit sequence id written on your card.

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