How to Check Your PAN Card is Active or Deactivated?

Procedure to check the Status of PAN Card Validity – Active / Blocked

Hello friends, Today we will learn about how to check pan card validity status from the e-Filing website in 2 minutes. If you have Pan Card, you have to enter your sure name, Date of Birth and other details in the box.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is known as the code which is issued by the Indian nationals which acts as an identification of an individual. The card is issued by the India Income Tax Department which is supervised by Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT). PAN Card is issued under the Section 139A of the Income Tax Act. The number on the card is alpha numeric which consists of 10 digits. It follows a serial number in a systematic way i.e. first five characters a letters then the next four are number and the last one is a letter. It is a very important identity proof and is mandatory to open a bank account or for any transaction purpose so that the Indian Government can track your earnings and expenses. The card is valid for lifetime of the holder

check status of PAN card active or not

What are the Uses of PAN Card

The card is a valid proof whenever any financial activity takes place. If it is found that the holder is not following any provision then a penalty of 10,000 rupees is levied on the defaulter.  It is also used during the filing of income tax, deduction at source, or any other communication with the income tax department. It is also seen that PAN is becoming an major document to open a bank account, new landline telephone bill, purchase of foreign currency and bank deposit of more than rupees 50,000.

How to check your PAN Card is active or not?

Step 1: Go to the official website of Indian Income Tax Department.

Step 2: after visiting the page, find the option which will guide the card holder to know about the status of the PAN card.

know validity status of pan card

Step 3: This page will require filling some personal details. For example, surname, date of birth, after that the user will receive an OTP.

NOTE: Users must use the registered mobile number while providing their personal details as you will receive OTP on that number only for verification purpose where the OTP message will be sent.

Step 4: Enter the OTP in a correct manner in the relevant box and click the valid button.

Step 5: Finally the user will be able to know the status of the PAN Card status in the remarks column.

If it is found that the PAN card is not active, then the user needs to contact the jurisdiction Assessing officer to make the card active once again. In that case the user needs to surrender the indemnity bond and the last three years Income Tax Returns.

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