How to Check Wells Fargo Credit Card Application Status

Wells Fargo is a reputed banking and financial services company based predominantly in the United States of America. It is one of worlds largest companies and ranks very high in the list of Fortune 500 companies list. Presently, it is the second largest bank in the world by market capitalization and has assets in excess of $1.9 trillion. The official website of Wells Fargo can be reached by clicking on the link provided below. Wells Fargo has a plethora of different Credit cards to suite every customer and once you complete your Credit card application it is easy to keep a track of the progress with your application.

Check Wells Fargo Credit Card Application Status

How to Get Wells Fargo Access Code Online

Once you have submitted your Wells Fargo Credit card application, you receive the credit decision by mail within 5 – 7 business days. You will also receive your Access code in your registered email once you complete your application. This Access code is an eight character alphanumeric code which you will need to track your application status. In case, you have not received this Access code you can request for this code to be resent.

  • Click on the link given here
  • which will redirect you to a webpage that will request you to provide the your email id registered with Wells Fargo.
  • Enter your email id in the textbook
  • Click on Continue button.

You will receive the Access code in your email inbox within few minutes.

Check Wells Fargo Credit Card Application Status

Method 01: The official Wells Fargo Webpage to check the application status can be visited by clicking on the link provided here. Once you are on this webpage, you can track your application in two ways. If you are an existing Well Fargo customer and have the online username and password you can select the first option. You simply need to fill in your username and password and click on the Continue button. The latest status will be fetched and displayed on your screen.

Method 02: If you are not an existing Wells Fargo online customer than you need to select the second option. Within this you are required to fill in four fields: Last name, Date of birth, last 4 digits of your Social security number and the Access code. Enter these field and click on the continue button. This will fetch the latest application status and display on your screen.

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